How we install our Full Fibre

We’ll work as quickly and safely as possible to get you up and running with your new service. On installation day, you’ll receive an email and text 30 minutes before your technician is due.

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Installations are done in four simple steps.

Please note: an adult over the age of 18 must be at home during the installation.

PF 2021 Design Icons Installation 01 Survey


Quick exterior survey of your home

PF 2021 Design Icons Installation 02 Cable

Cable installation

Fibre from your street to your house

PF 2021 Design Icons Installation 03 Connection


Cables go inside, into a neat little box

PF 2021 Design Icons Installation 04 Wifi

WiFi set up

WiFi router installed and tested

Survey & Preparation

Before your installation, we need to carry out a survey at your home. 

  • Survey will take approximately one hour

  • You won't need to be home during the survey

  • We'll do an exterior inspection to find the best place way to install a fibre cable to your property.

Cable installation

We run a fibre cable from a nearby fibre terminal to the outside of your house using an approved cable route determined at the survey.

We make efforts to make our installations less intrusive which is why we prepare as much as possible at the survey stage and we use materials that are designed to blend in.


We'll install a small fibre termination point inside your house, this unit can handle up to 2.5Gbps throughput without any further upgrades needed which should be more than enough for even our fastest service.

Wifi Set Up

We'll also help you get your WiFi-network up and running and we'll advice you on any additional mesh devices that you might need to have full wifi-coverage throughout your property.

Exterior Equipment

When we carry out the exterior survey of your property, we might temporarily leave a cable coil outside if we can't fit it underground.

We'll remove the cable coil and tidy everything up on your installation day.

Frequently asked questions

No one needs to be at home for the survey. We merely need consent to access to the exterior of the property. During the actual installation you or a legal adult member of the household needs to grant our engineer entry for the interior installation. We follow the governments guidelines regarding Covid-19, read more here.

We try to use as much existing ducts as possible to avoid having to dig, but when all else fail this might be our last option. After the survey we will suggest a plan which you will have to approve before any work begins.

The survey takes less than an hour and a standard installation less than four which is mostly spent outside the property, getting the new cable ready to be fitted.

An active fibre box will be fitted at an appropriate location inside the house (11cm x 21cm). This box will then be connected to the wifi-router, any additional wifi-routers will only require power lead, which makes it very easy to add later.

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