What is Full Fibre?

Full Fibre uses fibre-optic cable to deliver high-speed broadband, even over long distances. It’s the fastest and most reliable broadband technology available.

Whereas ‘superfast’ broadband mainly uses fibre-to-the-cabinet technology (FTTC), Full Fibre uses fibre-to-the-premises technology (FTTP) to connect the exchange directly to properties.


FTTC broadband can reach speeds up to around 60 Mbps.

Copper cable was originally developed to carry voice calls, and uses electrons to transmit data.


Full Fibre broadband can reach effectively unlimited speeds.

Fibre-optic cable contains strands of glass and uses pulses of light (photons) to transmit data.

Welcome to our world.

This is the future and the future is Gigabit Broadband for everyone.

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Why do we need Full Fibre?

Most of the UK’s current broadband infrastructure uses the copper-based telephone network, which is over 100 years old.

These telephone lines provide very poor data transfer capability and speeds drop rapidly even over short distances. Copper cables are old and much slower than fibre-optic cable, and the growing demand for faster broadband is pushing the limits of the UK’s broadband network.

The UK has fallen behind Europe when it comes to Full Fibre coverage, with only 10% of UK properties having access to fibre connections.

Why upgrade to Full Fibre?

The increasing demand for streaming services, smart homes and video calls means we need more data than ever before.

Faster connectivity in homes will make it quicker to play online games, download films and music, or use streaming services.

Businesses will benefit with increased efficiency of their cloud-based software and services, and high-speed internet connections could increase company productivity, as well as reducing the need to commute by making remote working easier.

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