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People’s Fibre has joined Swish Fibre

We’ve joined up with Swish Fibre, the UK’s fastest* broadband provider, so we can continue providing you with lightning-fast, reliable Full Fibre broadband.
So, how does this affect you?

For existing customers:
For all our existing People’s Fibre customers, this change won’t affect you at all. You’ll still receive the same great service from us and won’t see any change in your monthly payments.

For new customers:
If you’d like to bring Full Fibre broadband to your home, please visit to see which broadband package is best for you and check the availability in your area.

*See for more details.

We’re key workers

Due to our involvement with critical telecommunications operations in the UK, our constructions teams have been designated as “key workers” by the Government.

To ensure the safety of our workers, customers and the general population we have put together guidelines that our construction workers are to follow at all times.

These guidelines include minimising the contact with any member of the public and keeping strict social distancing.

Help us by following the Government's guidelines

You can help us by following the Government's guidelines on social distancing.

If you see any workers in your area, or if you need to speak to them, we kindly ask you to appreciate their vital role and their safety by keeping a safe distance of at least 2 metres. 

We're installing safely

To keep you and our technicians as safe as possible on installation day, we’ll use all safety precautions including facial covering and social distancing.

Please maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres at all times, or preferably stay in another room while they work.

For UK households to have access to Gigabit Broadband has never been more important than it is right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the circumstances we are only about two months behind on our Connah's Quay, Shotton and Queensferry fibre deployment. Progress is being made daily but we are still reliant on international supply chains moving forward. We're aiming at connecting our first customers in July and for the entire build to still be completed before the end of the year.

Telecommunications infrastructure is hugely important to UK society, and is considered critical by our Government. Therefore any work being carried out to deploy, maintain and repair that infrastructure is essential. Whilst most of the People's Fibre team are working from home, our engineer teams are considered key workers and are exempt from the general restrictions on movement.

Workers are instructed to follow all the Government's guidelines, take rigorous precautions and exercise caution for the health and well being of anyone in their close proximity as well as themselves. We require that our engineers cease any operation and immediately self-isolate if any symptoms should arise to themselves and/or someone they’ve been in close contact with such as housemates, colleagues, partners or family members.

No, we are not. We're installing fibre to the home, it's a cable based deployment with no masts or other wireless components other than the consumer wifi-device we supply to our customer for private use in their home.

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