Our Mission

Full Fibre To The People

At People’s Fibre our focus is getting you connected, staying connected and utilising the giga-fast broadband that’s common-place for our European neighbours.

Who we are

We’re a newly established Full Fibre Internet Service Provider in The UK Altnets building fibre infrastructure to homes and businesses without access today.

Our People

Making this venture happen is a diverse collective of people from UK Altnets and the fibre Industry. 

We are now backed by Swish Fibre who are bringing their experience and expertise from deploying fibre and delivering award-winning internet services across the UK for years.

Our vision

We believe that Full Fibre enables people to reach out across the world, to start & run their own businesses or enjoy the highest quality entertainment and gaming services possible.

Approved & Regulated

We have numerous certifications and approvals. Here's a handful.


We’re part of ISPA which is The UK’s Internet Service Provider Association and are expected to comply with industry standards and best practices.

Openreach Icon

We’re an approved Communications Provider with OpenReach (Part of BT) which means that we're financially vetted and properly insured.

Ombudsman Icon

We have also chosen to become an Ombudsman Services Supplier which means that we’ve volunteered to be subject to their unbiased scrutiny and ruling if any consumer complaint should arise.

FCA Direct Debit Icon

We are approved for the use of Direct Debit (SUN 173014) via GoCardless (Company No. 07495895) authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) under the Payment Services Regulations 2017.

Ofcom Icon

Ofcom has granted us powers under the Electronic Communications Code. Ofcom is The UK's regulatory and competition authority for broadcasting, postal & telecommunications.

Ripe Icon

We’ve been granted an AS Number (AS207449) with RIPE which is the Internet registry for Europe, West Asia, and the former USSR. RIPE oversees the administration of Internet Addresses (IPv4 & IPv6).

See if we are coming to you

We are developing full fibre all over the UK. Find out if and when we are coming to you.

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